Just Jump Handheld

The "Just Jump or Just Run" handheld computer is part of a revolutionary system for measuring several key parameters of leg strength Including:

Instant feedback = Motivation

Easy to use and portable, the coach, trainer, or athlete get an immediate and accurate measurement of important parameters; jump height for instance. Automatic timing of various drills, such as fast breaks for basketball, various patterns for football, and any timing requirement in which the player controls the timing by his foot movement.

The player gets instant feedback and motivation to train harder to increase his or her vertical jump or speed. The system is useful in a wide range of sports including basketball, football, baseball, tennis, volleyball, powerlifting, track, figure skating, gymnastics, martial arts; any sport where "explosive leg power" makes a difference. In fact most will agree this is a fundamental determinant in nearly every sport.

Many sports organizations and coaches recognize performance information gives a competitive advantage and will result in increased performance from their athletes.

"...Just Jump system stacks up well against the other major jump measurement systems"

jump mat


Quotes from the field

"...with the vertical jump and timing meter, you can now receive accurate measurements and readings for your particular drill application. This is an excellent tool for measuring plyometric training progress. "

"...The Just Jump or Just Run meter is fun, fast and a great tool for your athletic program. It measures vertical jumps, sprints, and reaction time."



There are two versions of the Just Jump or Just Run handheld computer.   Both versions include the Just Jump or Just Run handheld computer and the Jump Mat.

There is also a valuable upgrade for storing large data sets and magnified viewing:

  • Standard version - includes handheld Just Jump or Just Run computer and Jump Mat
  • Plyometric Box Jump version - includes handheld Just Jump or Just Run computer and Jump Mat.  Also comes with programming for measuring Plyometric box jumps.
  • Large Display upgrade - Large Display upgrade allows for the storage of up to 8000 sets of jump data on the device which later can be downloaded in to an excel spreadsheet on a laptop computer. In addition this upgrade allows for the display of test results at 400% magnification. A user can then easily view tests results on the laptop display from a distance.