Vertical Jumps

Place the jumping mat preferably on a level surface and under the basketball rim or backboard if available.  (This is to give the player something to reach for).  Connect the cord coming from the jumping mat to the handheld computer port.  With the player off the mat, turn the computer on.  The display should read "Step on Mat".  Have the player stand with both feet shoulder width apart on the mat.  Instruct the player to jump straight up as high as he can without tucking his legs and land with both feet on the mat.  When the player has completed his jump, the display will read hang time and give the vertical jump height in inches.  This vertical jump mode resets automatically.  Have the next player step on the mat and begin the cycle again.

measurement of 40" vertical by Washington Redskins speed consultant Harrison Berstein

Vertical Jump diagram

Vertical Jump diagram

Just Jump or Just Run handheld computerCompanion Jump Mat

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