(Using microphone) In this mode the runner begins to run and the computer timer starts timing the instant a loud sound such as shouting "GO" or blowing a whistle or firing a cap pistol sounds near the microphone at the top of the handheld computer. (Extension cable not required in this mode).

For timing a 40 yard dash the Computer and Mat is placed at the finish line.  Since the athlete is 40 yards away it takes approximately .1 second for sound traveling at 1100 ft/sec. to reach the runner.  The computer operator compensates for this delay in sound by inputting the distance of the dash with a push button switch.  Distances up to 999 ft. may also be selected.  As the runner crosses the finish line they step on the Mat to stop the computer timer.  The display shows the time of the run to the nearest hundredth of a second.


Timing dash diagram

Timing dash diagram

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