Start on light

Start on visual signal animation

Start on Sound mode

In this mode the runner is signaled to run by a pulse of light emitted from the Sonic Timer computer. The Sonic Timer starts timing the moment a pulse of light is emitted by the computer.

Start on light mode is very useful for measuring an athletes reaction to visual stimuli.  Many times an athletes statistics do not tell the whole story.  It is often the case where the "slower" athlete will consistently be first to the ball.  Often this is a result of how an athlete reacts to various forms of stimuli.  Being able to measure and recognize this will allow the coach to make better more informed decisions about an athlete.  It is also useful feedback for an athlete.

track runner



Hand Switch pad









runner in starting blocks






















Timely feedback = motivation = better results

Whatever the application both player, coach and/or trainer gets instant feedback and motivation to train harder to increase speed, sharpen reactions to audio, and visual stimuli, increase vertical jump height, and develop explosive leg power.  Many sports organizations and coaches recognize performance information gives a competitive advantage and results in increased performance from their athletes.  With the Sonic Timer, you can now receive accurate measurements and readings for your particular drill application.  This is also an excellent tool for measuring plyometric training progress.


  • Measure sprints and dashes
  • Measures player's reaction to visual stimuli
  • Measures player's reaction to audio stimuli
  • Measures player's time based on movement alone
  • 1/100th second accuracy
  • User friendly
  • Wireless
  • Usable indoors or out
  • Upgradable for making Just Jump measurements