Who are our customers?...

The importance and usefulness of our products have brought them into gyms, training facilities, and recruiting centers* across the country and around the world. Chances are your son or daughter has seen their coach using it. The police officer down your street was tested with it. The professional athlete or Olympian on your TV is training with it.

High profile customers include such professional icons as the New England Patriots**, The Washington Football*, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs as well as many college power houses. But in truth these devices are for anyone really serious about improving their leg strength and agility.

* see measurement of 40" vertical by The Washington Football speed consultant Harrison Bernstein
** see the article in Men's Health magazine "Speed to Burn" by Joe Kita


Probotics, Inc. is in the business of producing a "one of a kind" line of coaching accessories for measuring strength, speed, and reaction time. Truly these are the big 3 metrics fundamental to success in nearly every competitive sport or physical endeavor on the planet.  Effectively measuring these is key.

Handheld Computers

Probotics, Inc. has designed and refined two convenient and accurate product lines for handheld measuring devices.

Just Jump or Just Run image

"The first generation Just Jump or Just Run can be used to determine vertical jump height, time lateral movement, measure explosive leg power, and time sprints or dashes."

Just Jump or Just Run

Just Pass image

"The Just Pass system can be used to actually measure passing speed and accuracy (and indirectly reaction time). Measuring something gives coaches and players a frame of reference. It can be used as a benchmark to beat for goal-setting

Just Pass